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About Me

A growing engineer who has the technical knowledge of how things work in the world of zeros and ones, ready with an edge to dive into the design process to discover, ideate and build some cool product.

I love working with teams on products which are used by a large scale of people. I am an Indie Maker who code, launch, ship and repeat.

Tools & technologies that I have experience with:

  • React & Vue
  • JavaScript(ES7)
  • NodeJs, REST, Graphql
  • Webpack, Gulp, & Grunt
  • Gatsby, Jekyll
  • Firebase
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Git & GitHub

Experience & Volunteering

Software Engineering Intern @ HackerEarth

Jun 2018 - To Present

  • Developed FaceCode - a remote interviewing platform that you can use to conduct a live and technical interview, a part of Recruit product. It has facetime, code evaluation, real-time collaboration, chat. Used Firebase, Firepad, Operational Transformation, Ace editor to implement the real-time integrations.
  • Built a stand-alone single page application - Team Management, for Recruit product, using React & Redux. The application allows the company admin to create teams, invite members and change access roles. Also built a visualization web application for candidate test invites usage reports based on teams, members, and time.
  • Worked on making the Recruit product GDPR compliant. This included showing a modal and storing user's location details like - IP address, country, latitude, and longitude, at the time of providing the consent.

Open Source Projects


A simple function to create an observable object. You can implement observers, pub-subs, reducers and many other patterns with ease.

  • JavaScript
  • NPM

An online ide supporting 6+ languages, paste bin, and sharing features. Built using VueJs and Nodejs.

  • Vuejs
  • Nodejs
  • Ace Editor

A Kanban Board built using React. Authentication through Firebase and Postgres as a gql api using Hasura.

  • React
  • Nodejs
  • Firebase
  • Hasura

What's Next?

Get In Touch

I'm currently open for any employment opportunities based on my expertise & my inbox is always open. Feel free to also contact me whether it's for a freelance project, opportunities in developer communities or just to say hello.