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An undergrad's experience with cracking 8 software engineer intern interviews

11 Mins Read#interviews#software engineer#internships

If you are graduated or in senior year of your college, you surely can resonate to the fact that college life is best lived in a "hustle mode" . You are not going to get these years back and nothing will be the same. For me, certainly attending classes won't be something that I'll cherish after a… Read more >>

By Naman Kumar on 2019-03-15

Implementing public, private, and static data members in pre-ES5 Javascript

4 Mins Read#javascript#oops#es5

Today many of you might be saying Javascript is not a very object oriented programming language and that it lacks the ability of data hiding. But for a language as evolving as Javascript, there are always new features being introduced. The classes came to Javascript with the introduction of… Read more >>

By Naman Kumar on 2019-01-10

2018 Year in Review

3 Mins Read#yearreview#reading#goals

Each one of us have some goals to complete, things to learn, and places to visit. With the year getting ended, it is time to lock back and see what all did we do for the last 365 days. Well, 2018 have been a phenominal year for me. I got to meet a lot of great people, built connections and learned… Read more >>

By Naman Kumar on 2019-01-01