Hacks to avoid reading time distractions on Mac

As a software engineer I have to read long documentations and blog posts almost daily. I have tried to have a dedicated time slot in my day for that. But not always I can maintain the concentration required and my attention span decreases to that of an infant.

Every now and then while reading I jump on to checkout GitHub & Twitter, or start wire framing an app idea I had while having a bath 2 days back, or even writing this very blog post.

In result it kills a significant amount of time and gives an unsatisfactory feeling at the end of the day. I tried a lot of things to fix this and over the time found a few which works for me, thus sharing here.

  1. Keep only 1 display open out of 3. (can focus better on 1 area)
  2. Remove all unwanted browser tabs. (less clutter)
  3. Place the mobile phone away. (less distractions)
  4. Close all applications like Slack, Teams, BaseCamp, and Discord. (replying to messages can wait)
  5. Switch from Magic Trackpad to Logitech Mouse. (making window change difficult as hot corners aren’t set up & I am habitual of the trackpad)
  6. Use pomodoro technique. (Flow app recommended)

Share in comments what works for you…

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