How to Stay Productive Working from Home

While 2020 is giving us a lot of stories to tell our future grandchildren. It is really important for us to not loose our sanity being locked up in our homes. Most of us had a drastic change in our work flows, unless you are a remote worker like myself.

Amid this global crisis, CEOs still have to run their companies, software engineers still need to code, and designers still need to have their creativity levels high. This stays same for almost all the professions.

While staying at home may be saving you a lot of office travel time but it definitely comes at a cost of a lot of distractions and sluggish attitude. Yes it is natural to be low on productivity but there are ways for you to be still efficient with your time.

How to stay productive

Based on my experience of working remotely at Product Hunt for about 7+ months, I am going to share some tips that works really well for me:

  • Have dedicated work hours. Having a schedule helps you not work all the time or not working at all because of distractions all day.
  • Have proper meal breaks. If you have to cook your own meals, set proper period on your planner, to cook, eat and get back to your work. If you get your meals cooked by any other family member, try not do delay them, being aware that the meal is just 1 step away and you can grab it anytime. That kills your schedule.
  • Work at your own timings. This is the time for you to explore what suits you. You should not work during the times you feel less productive. Arrange your schedule the way you like it. I have shifted my sleep hours from 6am to 1pm. Gives me a lot of peaceful time at night.
  • Find your comfort zone. Your desk might not be the best place to work from in the office, but at home you can work from where ever you are comfortable to. It can be your comfy couch, standing desk, balcony, roof, or simply your study.
  • Have a dedicated working place. This help you develop a working environment at your home. You can limit the engagement of your family members at the place during the work hours, giving you a lot of focused time.
  • Get ready for work. While sweatpants is something we all love, getting ready and wearing different clothing for work really helps getting refreshed.
  • Set daily targets. Working without goals doesn’t always fetch the best results. It is good to have daily target so that you can stay focused on achieving them.
  • Take small breaks in between. We can’t work straight for 10 hrs. We need small breaks every now and then. Your can try the pomodoro technique, in which you work for 25 mins, take a short break, repeat this 4 times and then take a long break. During those 5 mins break, you can go fill up your water bottle, grab some munchies, talk with your family and then get back to your tasks. I started with this technique on recommendation from my manager, and now my body is naturally tuned to work in this manner.

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